Permanent Makeup



Taking Note
  • Permanent makeup procedures are normally complete in one or two sessions.

  • Do not schedule within a few days of a special event.  Immediately after color will appear darker than final result. Expect color to fade 10-15% through healing process. Sensitive clients may have mild swelling or redness for a few hours to a day after procedure.​​

  • If you are premenstral or menstrating numbing agents may be less effective so schedule accordingly.

  • For optimal results: NO intake of alcohol, aspirin, green tea, fish oil, vitamin E, or herbs two days prior to procedure. NO caffeine or salty foods 24 hrs before procedure. A doctor’s note is required if you take blood thinners including aspirin per Dr.'s order.        

  • If you are undergoing chemotherapy you need to wait 6 months post treatment.

  • No eyebrow tinting for 2 weeks prior to appointment and until brows healed.


  • Tweezing, threading and waxing need to be done at least 2 days before appointment.


  • Electrolysis needs to be done at least 5 days before appointment.

  • Botox near eyebrows must be 2 weeks before appointment and 2 weeks after final healing.

  • No Latisse or enhancers for 3 weeks before eyeliner appointment.

  • When receiving eyeliner tattoo, Eyelash Extensions may be applied 10 days post procedure.

  • If prone to herpes blisters be sure to be on prescribed medication/Valtrex 3 days prior & 5 days post lip blush tattoo.