• Brows are sparse from over tweezing

  • Unsteady hands or failing eyesight

  • To create symmetry of uneven brows

  • To define your natural brow shape

  • Convenience of waking up with makeup

Why get your

brows tattooed?

Hair-stroke Brows   

Brow hair effect with tattoo machine

Suitable for most skin types

Color boost needed in 2-3 years

Microblading Brows  

Brow hair effect created with hand tool

For certain skin types only

Color boost needed in 1 year

Powder - Ombre- Microshading Brows   

For a soft shaded look

Suitable for all skin types

Color boost needed in 2-3 years

Combination Brow 

Combining hair stroke and ombre method for a three dimensional, natural look. Colorboost needed in 2-3 years.

Eyebrow Tattoo Info & Pricing

All brow tattoos are $600 for 2 visits, 4-5 weeks apart. Colorboosts are $350, 2-3 years after first visit.

 Complimentary phone or in office mini consult 

available prior to appointment (516) 889-3962

Full consult included at 1st visit. Clients must be satisfied with pencil

drawing prior to tattoo. 


  • Allergic to traditional eyeliner

  • Smear-free, even eyeliner

  • Save time with application


Why get an Eyelash Enhancement?

Lash Enhancement Pricing

Upper & Lower Lashline  $600   

Upper Lashline                 $425          Lower Lashline                 $250        

An Eyelash Enhancementis a thin, tattooed eyeliner that gives the appearance of a fuller lash line. Pigment is implanted between eyelashes. Anesthetics are used for client comfort.