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Get Beautified Eyelash Extensions

Semi Permanent

Eyelash Extensions

Get Beautified offers custom lash sets using ultra fine faux mink and silk extensions. Whether

Classic, Volume or Hybrid style, quality adhesives are used to maintain 

lash health.

extensions look & feel like your own lashes.

Properly applied,  


Instruments are disposable & sanitized.

  • Last 5 weeks, indefinitely with touch-ups

  • Save time. No more mascara or curler

  • Gives the illusion of eyeliner

  • Swim & exercise without smudge

  • Pampering spa experience

Get Beautified Eyelash Extensions


Allergies to Band-Aids or adhesive

Eye surgery in past 3 months

Inability to lie on spa bed for 75 minutes

Have recent or current eye infection

Have Trichotillomania - hair pulling disorder

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