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  • Susan Patashny, R.N.

Choosing a Permanent Cosmetic Artist

Choosing a top notch artist is super crucial when considering facial tattoo. Discover your artist as you would a doctor or a therapist. I stress this because in the United States tattoo regulation and laws fluctuate, not only from state to state but in some states, from county to county.

Many regions have no rules at all for cosmetic tattoo and much damage is being inflicted upon the public as people blindly receive permanent makeup procedures by so called professionals with only two days of training in the field, and in some cases by watching online videos. Lately I see permanent makeup franchises popping up as well.

Determine the best qualified professional by researching the artist's background. Be sure they are highly trained and their portfolio is actually their work and not someone else's. It's okay to request seeing the technician's training certificates. Look for a sanitary working environment to assure safety standards are in place. Know that your artist uses a new sterile needle and disposables with each client.

When modifying your appearance permanently it is important to make a sound, educated decision.

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