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  • Susan Patashny, R.N., Esthetician

Micro this. Micro that.

With new skincare technologies and so much information available, it is sometimes hard to decipher between this and that. MicroNeedling, aka Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) and MicroChanneling, aka NanoNeedling, are two popular treatments, but which one is the best for your skin?

Here is the breakdown:

MicroNeedling uses very fine needles which create micro injuries in the skin. In response to a perceived injury a cascade of growth factors are released, triggering new collagen synthesis. This fills fine lines and scars, smoothing the skin’s surface with some immediate results, and as collagen builds over a few weeks, luminous, renewed skin.

MicroChanneling infuses skin specific serums through the outermost layer of skin. This gives an immediate glow and hydration to tired looking skin with fine lines and uneven texture.


For all skin types

Topical numbing

Stem Cell derived Serum

Penetrates epidermal layers

12-24 hours downtime

Results in 3 weeks


For all skin types

No numbing

Nourishing Serum

Penetrates top layer epidermis

No downtime

Immediate results

Not sure which treatment is ideal for you? Please call 516.889.3962 or schedule a complimentary consultation at


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