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  • Susan Patashny, R.N., Tattoo Artist, Esthetician

Semi-Permanent or Permanent?

Permanent Makeup Long Island

As an experienced cosmetic makeup artist I spend a lot of time educating potential clients due to misinformation across the web. What I often hear from those inquiring about cosmetic tattoo is,

“I thought it’s Semi-Permanent.”

The public is being misled, believing if they don’t like their new semi-permanent brows, they will fade after a few months so no worries. When pigments are not implanted in the proper skin depth they do not hold for long and are carried out through the lymph system. The “semi-permanent” myth occurs due to many taking two day microblading trainings and opening shop with no experience in tattoo and no knowledge of skin.

Some newbies artists wrongfully charge clients for touchups/color boosts every few months. This affects more than the clients pocket. I’m not only a tattoo artist but an Esthetician and R.N. I know how damaging this practice is. Scar tissue builds up with frequent, repetitive tattooing of delicate facial skin.

Great cosmetic tattoo is not inexpensive. It is a “permanent” procedure and when properly done only requires color boosts, or touchups every 1.5 - 3 years. Although pigment fades over time due to environment, medications, and not using sunscreen “permanent” color can remain for years when professionally done.

Many issues within the permanent makeup industry are due to inconsistent tattoo regulations throughout the country. For more information on “permanent vs. semi-permanent” click here

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