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  • Susan Patashny R.N., Esthetician

Winter Skincare Tips

There is a lot we can do to keep our skin feeling soft, supple and silky throughout the winter months. Temperature changes can be extreme between the cold, dry air outdoors and unnatural heating indoors.

Drink Water. Our skin is made up of 64% water. Replenishing counteracts dehydration of our skin.

Exfoliation. To avoid a dull complexion during the dry season weekly exfoliation is vital to keep dead skin from building up. A simple, mild scrub like sugar and water on oily skin, or coconut oil and finely ground oats for drier skins can make a world of difference. Gently use on lips, as well as facial skin.

Moisturizing. Once exfoliated, your skin can replenish by absorbing the goodness of a quality moisturizer. A good moisturizer can be used to combat dry winter air and strong winds. Don’t be afraid to use extra moisturizer this season. It is beneficial, especially for older, dry skin types.

Humidification. Humidifiers are wonderful as they help increase the water content in the air, ultimately helping to restore the water balance in your skin. Keep this in mind when cranking up your home heating.

Sleep. Believe it or not, during sleep, your skin and body are miraculous at self-repair, so be sure to get your 6-8 hours in.

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Have a wonderful holiday season and great year ahead!

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