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  • Susan Patashny, R.N.

Myths about Lash Extensions

Your natural lashes will be ruined or fall out. Myth!

With proper application by a skilled artist you can trust your lashes will remain healthy. The tiniest amount of adhesive is necessary for a good bond. A caring professional will choose the ideal extensions based on a client’s need.

Lash Extensions last for 2 months. Myth!

Go for a $39 bargain and receive a mess of glue and they will last forever (ouch!). With proper application by 5 weeks a full set of extensions will have shed along with your natural lashes. It’s normal to lose a few of our own eyelashes daily, whether they are extended or not. The average upkeep for touchups is every 3 weeks. This is based on how fast your natural lashes grow.

Infections easily occur when wearing lash extensions. Myth!

Washing with a lash cleanser, developed specifically for extensions, is recommended by reputable professionals. Improper home care can cause debris buildup between your natural lashes and extensions. Be sure your lash artist shows you proper cleaning protocol which takes literally 2 minutes daily. Compare that to 30 minutes of mascara application, curling & removal every day!

* Don’t bargain shop your eyes! Find a well-trained, skilled lash artist that is licensed and insured. Check out website, Instagram and Facebook pages. Be sure what you see is your prospective artist’s actual work.

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