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  • Susan Patashny, R.N.


Dermaplaning is a safe, physical/mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis, the outer most layer of skin. It is the controlled scraping of keratinized cells and vellus hair aka "peach fuzz".

This relaxing treatment is beneficial for all skin types and colors. No downtime is needed and clients remark how fresh & vibrant their skin feels after. Dermaplaning can be done monthly.


* Smooths coarse surface * Allows deeper product penetration

* Improves appearance of dry, dull skin * Diminishes look of fine lines

* Allows smoother makeup application * Minimizes appearance of large pores

It is contraindicated for those with lupus, cancer, uncontrolled diabetes, active cystic acne, and blood coagulation issues. Must be off Retin A for 3 weeks and off Accutane for 9 months. No blood thinners 3 days prior to procedure. Sunburn or windburn cannot be present. Chemical peel and laser treatments must be 3 weeks before or after Dermaplaning.

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