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  • Susan Patashny, R.N., Esthetician

What to know about FACIAL PEELS

Thinking of a facial peel but afraid of pain, or treatment resulting in irritated, red skin? No worries when you choose an experienced Esthetician.


* smoother skin

* lightening of dark spots

* minimizing fine lines & pores

It’s normal to encounter a tingling sensation when fruit acids are applied to skin during a peel. With a slightly aggressive peel, clients report mild discomfort, 4-5 on a scale of 1-10. When planning a stronger peel expect some visible exfoliation on day three after your visit. Either way, if there is any post redness, with a professional esthetician and quality products, it should be mild and subside in 1-2 hours.

Allow your skin to rest during the healing stage post peel. Avoid products with acids, i.e., salicylic, retinol, Vitamin C. Use soothing products, SPF and gentle home care especially during the first week post peel. It’s okay to over moisturize at this time, to compensate for post peel dryness.

All inquiries gladly answered; call/text (516) 889-3962. Complimentary product kit with all facial peels.

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