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  • Susan Patashny, R.N., Tattoo Artist, Esthetician

The Beauty of Eyebrow Tattooing

Eyebrow Tattoo

The beauty of eyebrow tattooing is the ability of a true artist to properly dilute colors to attain a soft, natural looking brow. Don’t be fooled by those promoting permanent makeup as “semi-permanent”. Yes, pigment fades over time and even when diluted, molecules remain in the skin permanently.

This includes the ever so popular technique of “Microblading”.

In order for pigment to be retained in skin it needs to be placed at the proper depth. Many inexperienced artists say “semi-permanent” is placed at a shallow depth. The truth: When pigment is placed at a shallow level, it does not hold for long. Tattoo pigment needs to reach the “sweet spot”, whether implanted by hand tool or machine. This is something only a skilled artist can understand.

There are two differences between Microblading and Machine Pen Tattoo for a hair stroke effect.

1) Microblading implants less pigment than Machine Pen Tattoo. 2) Microblading needles, attached to a hand tool glide across skin to implant color. Machine pen needles go directly in and out of the skin, producing color by pixelization.

Many artists believe machine hair-strokes cause less trauma to skin and that color will fade more slowly. This allows the client to extend the time between color boosts. The goal is to reduce the number of procedures to a specific area, decreasing the chances of scar tissue production. Look for an experienced provider with Board of Health Certification that is concerned with safety first.

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