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  • Susan Patashny, R.N., Tattoo Artist, Esthetician

What causes Permanent Makeup to fade?

Clients often ask, "What causes permanent makeup to fade?" Since pigment is placed into the layers of skin, choosing proper skincare products after permanent makeup is key. Retinols, acids and strong exfoliators will prematurely fade cosmetic tattoo.

The sun's UV rays will fade your permanent makeup. Use a good sunscreen to avoid this. Certain medications can change body chemistry and hormones may have an effect as well.

Younger women will see fading sooner than older women due to slower cellular turnover of skin for older women. This is unless older women use anti-aging products daily.

Lighter color pigments (blondes, light browns) fade faster than darker ones due to their composition. The device used to implant pigment, whether tattoo machine or hand tool factors in the amount of pigment that gets inserted. More frequent color boosts are needed when a hand tool (for microblading) is used, as it implants less pigment than a tattoo machine.

Get your sunscreen and hats out and have a wonderful summer!

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